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Helloooo and welcome! C:

I've finally decided to launch Espers X, my romance/fantasy/action comic. I began drawing the characters here and there since September/ October of last year. I've even got a little notepad especially for development, etc :D. I only decided the title when I set the group up XDDD. It was originally for a second part to the plot (like Naruto), but it just stuck in my head so I used it for the series main title.

Kisa - 16/17 - Curly blonde hair, cyan blue eyes.
Main protagonist. A shy but very sweet girl. She can harness energy abilities, as well as some from the other four elements.

Takeru Inada - 16/17 - Dark purple hair, red eyes.
The most prominent member of the Element Apprentices (made up of himself, Holly, Kaito and Kame). He can control the wind element and also has an affinity for shadow abilities.

Holly - 16/17 - Brown hair, brown eyes.
The plucky member of the Element Apprentices. She can use fire and super-strength abilities.

Kaito - 17 - Blue hair, blue eyes.
The confident and somewhat cocky member of the Element Apprentices. He specialises in water and ice abilties.

Kame - 16/17 - Green hair, golden green eyes.
The kind and gentle member of the Element Apprentices. He can use Earth and lightning abilities.

Kisa and Takeru are love interests and the main couple >w< ^////^. Going to work as well on backgrounds, etc. They need surnames too. Only Takeru has one D:

:star:Art Updates:star:
I've got a rough idea of the basic plot for the first couple of chapters, so I'll write it up and flesh it out. Mind you I have to fit it around college work ^^;. I'm working on a promo art at the moment of the main 5 in watercolour, which should be up by this week. Ooh and character reference sheets too o3o.

:star:Fan Espers :D:star:
It's certainly a struggle to think up of so many characters, so I'm leaving it open to you to create you own :). At the moment, I'll accept 1 per member for use into the series. The only restricitons is that you must draw them with at least one of the main characters ^^. Have fun ~
P.S references will be up here a.s.a.p too :)

That's all for now folks ~
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EmiOhki Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
My invitation expired. :(

I don't even know what Espers X is about.
verna-c Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Filmographer
;O; YOU HAVE A COMIC?!?!? ;U; *happysqueal* Definate watch ;o; :heart:

I so can't wait to see EspersX! Make sure to have fun! c: I'll be rootin' for ya!
bright-as-a-button Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
i've beeen thinking about for a little while, so i thought i'd get a move on and begin to work on it C; your the biggest inspiration to get this off the ground *w*

Aww thank you so much. Let's hope both of our series will really take off together :heart:
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